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Exceptional Legal Representation

Kevin Park established Kevin A. Park, PLC to provide high-quality and tailored legal representation for clients based on Kevin’s extensive knowledge and experience in divorce and family law.


About Kevin Park

Kevin Park has been licensed by the State Bar of Arizona since 1995. Kevin established Kevin A. Park, PLC to have the control and flexibility which comes with owning a business.


What We Offer

Divorce can be an emotionally difficult and confusing exercise, although it does not have to be with a highly knowledgeable and skilled attorney helping you navigate the uncharted waters of the divorce process.

Client Testimonials

Divorce Is Tough…Kevin Made It Easier

“At first, I didn't want to get a lawyer. I wanted more than anything to be cordial with my ex-wife and work through the divorce process without attorneys. She went behind my back, got an attorney, and soon had a forensic accountant going through my business bookkeeping. I couldn't sleep at night because I was so overwhelmed with everything, so I found Kevin through some Google searching. Within minutes of meeting him, I knew I needed his help. He took control of everything, and I no longer had to deal with any of the harassment I had been enduring. If you want someone tough in your corner who will go to the ends of the earth to win your case, hire Kevin.”

- Kyle

Incredibly Bright Divorce Attorney

“Kevin is a fantastic divorce lawyer. I went through two other divorce attorneys until I hired Kevin. Neither of those attorneys helped me. Kevin is smart and very detailed. I own a business, which was important to me during the divorce. Kevin figured out all of the business finances by the end of our first meeting. I hired two experts and CPAs who took a week to understand what Kevin figured out in our first meeting. Kevin also figured out my ex-husband's personality and was able to create a plan to get the case done. Kevin's humor helped tremendously in getting through a difficult divorce. Thank you, Kevin.”

- Stacey

Reliable and Trustworthy 

“I contacted Kevin, at first about a legal separation. But after he carefully explained and defined the legal options of divorce versus separation, it became clear to me that divorce was the better route for ‘me.’ I was a determined client and had very specific time frames in which I wanted action taken given that my spouse was located in another state. Kevin was extremely insightful and responsive. I worked diligently to provide all information Kevin needed to be successful, something clients need to be mindful of in hiring an attorney—they can only do as good a job as you allow them to do with the information you provide! I endorse and recommend Kevin Park as a very bright and dedicated attorney who will work hard for you and support and guide you through a very difficult process. Thank you, Kevin.”

- Jane